How You Can Enjoy Desert Safari Dubai Tour?

How You Can Enjoy Desert Safari Dubai Tour?

Dubai is one of the most prestigious cities in the country, and it was named the best tourism destination for foreigners and families again in 2018. While in Dubai, you will experience a whole new world of entertainment, societal norms, and a plethora of locations that are a lot of fun for most families and visitors.

Dubai Desert is a famous tourist destination in Dubai City. If you’re a traveller, you’ve already learned about it. The location offers a wide range of luxuries and entertainment to visitors from all over the world. The Dubai desert hosts several activities, makes use of their luxurious facilities, and ensures that no one gets bored when visiting this location.

Though our key topic is How to enjoy in Desert Safari Dubai, we will be investigating some large areas of the desert Dubai safari and what is available on its premises. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the point.

Desert Safari Tour Schedule

A desert safari is normally available at three different times. The three most frequent times are as follows:

  • Morning Desert Safari Dubai
  • Evening Desert Safari Dubai
  • Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

No, we’ll talk about what kinds of products and luxuries you should appreciate at a given time. Then let us have a look;

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

For those who choose to go on a desert safari in the morning, there are several facilities and entertainment options. Some of the best locations to explore for fun when on a desert safari in the morning are as follows:

Pick & Drop from Your Livings

There are several companies that provide pick-up and drop-off services from the hotel where you are actually staying. All types of luxury cars are affordable, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs and desires.

These cars will not only pick you up from the hotel, but will also drop you off at your favorite location in the morning, where all of the exciting events will begin.

Dune Bashing at Desert Safari

The first enjoyable thing you will partake in since being dropped off in the desert is dune bashing. There are several antique cars around, including Land Cruisers and others. You should choose one of them for your first desert adventure.

Dune Bashing

Many of the vehicles have professional drivers who can push the vehicle in such a manner that you will admire the desert to the maximum. Having said that, you will also get to experience the sand of Dubai’s desert safari.

Camel Riding

Another essential and enjoyable thing to experience in a desert after visiting it in the morning is a camel riding. As we all know, a camel is a typical desert animal, and you cannot really enjoy the desert until you mount one. Camel rides may involve a tour and trip to vast areas of the desert by camel, allowing you to explore a large portion of the desert in a conventional way.

Camel Riding
Camel Riding

Such are the main things you can partake in when exploring a desert safari in the morning.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

As time passes, the evening will quickly take cover. If you visit the desert safari in the evening, you may also participate in a variety of exciting events. Among them, the following are some of the most notable points:

Sunset Photography

For most photographers, an evening desert safari is a dream come true. If you are a talented photographer and want to capture the desert sunset in the best light possible, visiting in the evening might be the best option for you.

sunset in Dubai Desert
sunset in Dubai Desert

You should take photos of the sunset and create videos for your creations or vlogs when you’re here to make this journey more unforgettable.

Sandboarding at Desert Safari

Sandboarding is another fascinating exciting sport that you can do when exploring the desert in the evening.

Many people who want to feel the essence of the sand dunes will enjoy this journey. Sandboarding may be achieved by renting skates in order to get the finest desert safari experience imaginable.

Henna Painting

Henna painting is an experience that is open to the majority of female visitors who are interested in painting their palms. There are several people who provide this facility, and it is also a practice in most Muslim countries. So, if you want your hands to appear more beautiful than ever, henna painting is a great option for you.

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Any of the most notable features accessible when visiting the desert safari Dubai in overnight are as follows:

Belly Dance

Many Arabs have a history of belly dancing, which they thoroughly enjoy. If you are more involved in learning about Dubai’s traditional traditions, seeing a belly dance performance must be very appealing to you.

Belly Dance
Belly Dance

Fire Show

Another stunning and enjoyable experience to enjoy when exploring desert safari overnight is the fire show and Tanura exhibition. Many professionals are working in a vast area of fire and other kinds of risky activities that you might enjoy without even realizing it.

Fire Show
Fire Show

BBQ Dinner

After a night filled with performances such as belly dancing and fire shows, it’s time to fill your stomach. A wide variety of meat is available in BBQ type for this reason, and you can enjoy any dish you like in the mesmerizing and relaxing atmosphere of Desert Safari Dubai at night.

BBQ Dinner
BBQ Dinner


From morning to night, Desert Safari Dubai is a spot to love. There are many activities accessible in desert safari that will appeal to a wide range of visitors. That is all included with your kit. I hope you have a memorable tour to Dubai Desert.

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