Best Places to Visit in Desert Safari Dubai
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Best Places to Visit in Desert Safari Dubai

A visit to Dubai isn’t complete until you go on a desert safari. I’ll never forget my first desert safari: it was totally amazing! There were camels, decent food, shisha, and dune smashing, of course! Since I adore desert safaris, I’ve compiled a collection of the best desert safaris in Dubai.

One thing I can confidently state is that booking your desert safari online would make a significant difference. Sure, your hotel’s concierge service or a travel agency they partner with would be able to book the desert safari for you – but the few occasions I inquired (I was wondering how much it will cost!) the rates they quoted were a rip off! One of them pushed a flyer under my nose for a $90 desert safari – despite the fact that we had gone on The Very Same One for $40 just a month before. I would suggest booking your desert safari online because it will save you a significant amount of money!

Desert Safari Dubai Activities

This desert safari Dubai provides 7 hours of pure sandy fun in the Red Arabian Desert, with a BBQ, or 4 hours without. You’ll be driven in a 4WD vehicle by a live tour guide to the center of the desert, where you can go dune smashing, sandboarding, and camel riding, as well as visit a camel farm. A popular Tanura dance, a fire demonstration, and a belly dance screen will round out the evening.

Desert Safari Dubai Activities
Desert Safari Dubai Activities

Desert Safari Dubai, Quad Bike and Camel Ride

This is one of the most famous desert safaris in Dubai, with a 4-hour half-day tour or a 7-hour full-day tour that includes dinner. You’ll be able to see the Red Dunes while dune smashing, sandboarding, and riding camels repeatedly. The 7-hour tour also features an Arabian makeover, a falcon encounter, shisha smoking, henna painting, and popular Tanura and belly dance performances. The tour will conclude with a breathtaking sunset and a BBQ meal.

Private Falconry Safari

Unlike other Dubai desert safaris, this one will lead you on a 5-hour journey of nature, complete with encounters with the Dubai falcon, hawk, eagle, and owl. You will have the opportunity to explore the untouched dunes of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, learn about falconry, including getting a bird of prey trained to your gloved fist, and go on a nature drive in pursuit of the houbara bustard, Arabian oryx, and sand gazelle. You can enjoy the Arabian Peninsula’s lush flora and fauna as well as a lavish meal.

Camel Ride and Premium Red Dunes Desert Safari with BBQ

On this desert safari in Dubai, you will be picked up by the desert Safari Dubai guide and taken to the Lahbab desert, where you will witness sand boarding and dune smashing on the famed Red Dunes, accompanied by typical encounters that can only be felt on a desert safari in Dubai. You should even try out a quad bike or a snowboard. Popular welcome food and beverages, as well as traditional dances, will be served at the Al Khayma Desert Camp.

Dubai Desert Safari with Camel Trekking, Jet Ski Ride

This Dubai desert safari also helps you to experience the thrills of dune shattering, sandboarding, and camel rides through the endless views of the breathtaking dunes, but it also allows you to watch the thrills of dune smashing, sandboarding, and camel drives across the infinite views of the stunning dunes. but it also brings you on a jet ski trip down Dubai’s coastline, giving you the best of both worlds in one go. By day, you’ll visit the Red Dunes, and by night, you’ll visit Dubai’s Jumeirah neighbourhood. You may also tailor this Dubai desert safari to your preferences by doing either the desert safari, the camel tour, or the jet skiing, or all three together, or only two.

Desert Safari Five Hour Bedouin Desert Experience with Camel Caravan

Desert safaris in Dubai will not enable you to retrace the footsteps of the Bedouin tribes, while this one will. You will immerse yourself in the Bedouin culture by riding across the Dubai desert on a typical camel, watching a Bedouin falcon and Saluki dog show, tasting authentic Bedouin food, and visiting the Bedouin community in all its traditional beauty, participating in customs and every day ceremonies. In the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve, you would still be able to see the sparkling waters of the desert oasis.

Dubai Desert Safari Self-Drive Buggy

This is one of the most intense Dubai Desert Safaris accessible, built for the ultimate thrill-seeker. Apart from enjoying Dubai’s large dunes and participating in events such as sandboarding and camel riding, you will also be able to ride a personalized dune buggy, which will be fully equipped with all appropriate protection equipment. A 4-hour tour or a 6-hour evening tour are accessible. The evening tour will lead you to a desert camp where you will be able to participate in Bedouin cultural events and have a BBQ meal.

Self Drive Dune Buggy in Desert Dubai

Camel Safari and Red Dunes with Overnight Camp

This Dubai Desert Safari is intended for those who want to genuinely explore Dubai’s desert safaris in a local manner. You will participate in desert activities such as dune smashing, sandboarding, and camel riding, which will be accompanied by a luxurious BBQ buffet meal, western belly dances, and an overnight stay in a Bedouin tent. You will be awakened in time for a breathtaking sunrise camel trek and a typical Arabian meal.

Breakfast, Hot Air Balloon Ride, and Dubai Desert Safari

This is one of the most luxury desert safaris in Dubai, allowing you to see the Dubai deserts from a very different perspective. At the crack of dawn, you will embark on a stunning hot balloon flight to see the emerging sun over the massive dunes. You’ll get a bird’s-eye view of Arabian flora, fauna, and rare animals, as well as a private desert wildlife reserve and a gourmet meal. To top it all off, you’ll be travelling in a retro open-top 1950s Land Rover, a machine used to navigate the dunes six decades ago.

Overnight Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner

This Dubai desert tour will provide you with 17 hours of utter desert exploration and experiences such as starry skies that you will not find on any other safari. After a camel ride and some sandboarding, you’ll be brought to see a beautiful sunset, followed by typical Tanura folk dance and falconry, where you’ll see these faithful birds’ hunting abilities. You will be greeted with traditional Arabian hospitality, and you will be able to enjoy shisha with dates and coffee, accompanied by a BBQ dinner and belly dance show. Until returning to Dubai, the tour will conclude with a light breakfast.

BBQ Dinner
BBQ Dinner

Morning Desert Safari Dubai with Quad Bikes, Camel Riding and Sandboarding

This is a more traditional desert safari in Dubai, leading you by 4WD vehicle through the endless dunes of Dubai. You will enjoy the peaceful bliss of the Dubai desert early in the morning, followed by a camel trip and some dune bashing. You should even try sand surfing, and if that doesn’t tickle your imagination, you can pre-book a quad bike and try that as well. This trip allows you to select between a public and a private tour, allowing you to explore the dunes whenever you want.


Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai

Seeing a sunrise surrounded by dunes is sure to be a wish list thing that people didn’t even realize they wanted to apply to their list. Your guide will lead you across Dubai’s deserts and to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, where you will be able to see the sunrise, followed by a breakfast of coffee or a bottle of bubbly, before heading out for further explorations. This is one of Dubai’s conservation-based and informative desert safaris, where you can learn about Arabic flora, fauna, and wildlife.

Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai
Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari with Dune Buggy Ride

This desert safari in Dubai allows you to navigate the mighty dunes completely off-road. You’ll be sitting in a twin-seater dune buggy through the Dubai mountains, through large peaks and valleys composed of dunes. Your guide, who is fluent in Urdu, English, Hindi, and Arabic, can take you on the best routes based on your preferences. For your comfort, with dune buggy comes with a complete roll cage, bucket seats, and a full safety belt.

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