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Like a morning stacked with sentiments Best dune buggy safari dubai From your hotel in Dubai, you will head towards the departure reason for your visit in a 4×4. Alone, or joined by another person, you will accept accountability for a carriage and follow your guide into the center of the desert. In the slopes, you will coast at most extreme speed on the sand and even put aside some push to like the stunning scenes. Little breaks and rewards will be proposed to you with the objective that you can value this development in the best conditions. At the point when the visit is done, you will be went with to your motel in Dubai. Make an effort not to leave behind the novel opportunity to drive a carriage in the desert!

Like an energizing visit through the amazing and changing sand edges of the Dubai desert, on the Buggy Safari. Visit the desert like a Bedouin vagabond. Explore the trackless desert and tackle the high and low edges on this four-hour venture. 

Like a half-day experience in the Dubai abandon and participate in invigorating adrenaline-siphoning works out. The combo visit fuses a trip through the ascents by 4WD Jeep, a self-drive safari.

You will be gotten from your motel in Dubai, with a 4WD vehicle, to scramble toward the desert, southeast of the midtown region. On a fresh morning, the dazzling Hajjar Mountains can be seen.

After an outing of around an hour, we will stop for practices in the desert.

Preceding starting to slope truck Best Dune Buggy Safari Dubai, a guide will give you an all-out planning. with the fundamental prosperity headings. By then, you will like an hour lengthy drive through the gigantic desert, have time during your experience safari, for a photo stop, and for drinking.

Want a long ride in Desert?

Subsequent to booking, you can pick the ride level of your Desert Dune Buggy. You would self have the option to drive it in the open desert moreover. You should address our visit maintenance before booking.



This development isn’t proposed for the people who have any back torture issue or for pregnant ladies.


We will give you a pick and drop, from your hotel/home. In any case, recall a couple of spots are needy upon availability. For example, in case you are staying in Jabel Ali or Al Barsha South please confirm the preceding booking about getting.

Covid-19 measures

All of our organizations agree to neighborhood order and prosperity recommendations for protection and security to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 contamination.

We will get you at the lodging and going before leaving the city we will change the air in our wheels to adjust to the new condition: the desert.

There our lord drivers will take you through the red slopes at quick for 30 minutes. By then you can continue with the wonderful riding the ascents on a sandboard.

Edge Buggy Ride Dubai

Next you will have the mind boggling opportunity to drive a Buggy yourself on a visit through the ascents of around 45 minutes. The experience will be basic.

During Evening Desert Safari Dubai, Ride a camel through the desert, regard nearby characteristic life and camp under the stars in the United Arab Emirates’ first recreational area.

To locate some sort of agreement between Dubai’s quick turn of events and the need to shield its typical inheritance, Sheik Mohammed compartment Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister of the UAE, purchased this land that was previously a camel farm. Today it is a shelter for some animal and plant species.

The most ideal approach to examine the entertainment community is through one of the visit overseers embraced by the booking. These offer a wide scope of experiences, including camel rides, bolt based weaponry, falconry shows, and harsh territory rides through the slopes through desert scene. Visit the booking site for extra nuances.

Take a casual walk around the desert to see hordes of Arabian gazelles in the wild and a wide collection of flying animal species. During your excursion, the guide will explain the science of the desert. Furthermore spot other of the diversion community’s animals, including evening desert cats, Ethiopian porcupines, and impacting snakes.

All through the long haul, Arabian oryx, Macqueen hubaras, and various other wild species have been viably by and by acquainted with the desert in this park.

Participate in desert sports. Hop on a sandboarding board and slide down the ascents to the valley floor. Test your bolt based weaponry capacity with a customary bow.

As the sun dives into the incredible past, like a scrumptious dinner of feast meat and Arabic treats and refreshments in Bedouin tents. By then get ready to experience the late night outside in this intriguing atmosphere. Close to the start of the day you can acknowledge breakfast while seeing the first light.

The Dubai Desert is about an hour’s drive from Dubai.

Morning Desert Safari is the visit for the people who can’t join is us around evening time. In case you love adrenaline and need to take off to the desert sand ascents of Dubai, you can without a doubt fit recently desert safari into your agenda. A Land Cruiser will get you from your housing for an intense ride through the tall red slopes. Like the energizing roller coaster understanding of edge attacks and photo odds of desert grandness.

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai is the visit for the people who need to search for the night experience in the Desert. The Dubai desert isn’t actually an hour from the city and is an astonishing spot from where you can watch the dusk. On this evening visit, ride through the slopes on an adrenaline-stimulated carriage safari, by then ride a camel ride through the desert.

  • In the Evening There will be a BBQ veg and non-veg buffet dinner in Arabic style majlis close by entertainment programs.
  • Drive a truck through the desert rises.
  • 33-Course BBQ Dinner Beneath the Desert Stars
  • No Experience Needed
  • Full Instruction Provided
  • Trouble free pickup and drop-off from your Dubai dwelling

Standard Deal
450 AED / Person

Pick up via 4x4. 45 Dune Buggy Ride Dubai and more. All-inclusive.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Dune Buggy Ride Dubai + Quad Bike
600 AED / Person

Standard Package with 20 minutes of Quad biking self Drive. All-inclusive

Private Desert Safari Dubai

Private Dune Buggy Ride
2,500 AED up to 5 Persons

Standard Package Private Vehicle only for you family. All-inclusive

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Best Dune Buggy Safari Dubai Overview

Pick & Drop

Pick & Drop from your hotel/residence is included in this package.

Dune Bashing

A thrilling 45 minutes dune bashing is included in the package.

Dune Buggy Ride

You can drive a dune buggy in a specific area of the desert yourself.

Picture Point

To make your tour memorable we shall provide you a photo stop in the middle of the desert.

Best Dune Buggy Safari Dubai Inclusions, Exclusions, Price, and Timings


Exclusions (Payables)

  • Adults (Above 9 Years) = 450 AED / Person
  • Child (From 3 to 9 Years) = 335 AED / Person
  • Infant (Under 3 Years) = Free
  • Private Vehicle = 2,350AED upto 5 people

Payment Options

  • Cash to the Driver
  • Online via Paypal

Top Selling Tours

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Morning Desert Safari
150 AED / $45 per Person

Morning Desert Safari Dubai includes 45 minutes of Dune Bashing, Sandboarding, Camel Ride and much more.


Evening Desert Safari Dubai
150 AED / $45 Per Person

Evening Desert Safari Dubai includes 45 minutes of Dune Bashing, Pick & drop, Camel Ride, Belly Dance, BBQ Dinner and Much more.

Camel Trekking Dubai

Camel Trekking Dubai
250 AED / $72 Per Person

Camel Trekking Dubai includes 45 minutes of Camel Ride, Sandboarding, Dune Bashing.
And much more.


Overnight Desert Safari @
350 AED / $96 Per Person

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai includes 45 minutes of Camel Ride, Sandboarding, Dune Bashing.
Overnight stay in desert camp, and much more.


Half Day Dubai City Tour @
150 AED / $46 Per Person

Half Day Dubai City Tour includes Pick & Drop 4 hours Dubai City Tour.
Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, and much more.

Abu Dhabi City Tour

Abu Dhabi City Tour
150 AED / $45 Per Person

Abu Dhabi City Tour includes Pick & Drop, a 5 to 6 hours sightseeing tour of Abu Dhabi including Grand Mosque, Date & Carpet Markets and muc more.

How to Best Dune Buggy Safari Dubai

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  1. Wear appropriate pieces of clothing.
  2. It is recommended to wear pleasing shoes.
  3. Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast barred from this visit.
  4. Not Recommended, for a person with a back anguish issue or a pregnant lady.
  5. Book 48 hours before the occasion date.
  6. Check out your guide, cling to all the bearings which he’ll give.


An invigorating experience anticipates you in the event that you decide to take an interest in a rising pounding meeting in Desert Safari Dubai! Board a 4×4 vehicle, customarily a Land Cruiser or Fortuner, and set off for the desert. Stay solid as your rider races along the edges at speedy, and plan for breathtaking skips and a full adrenaline flood. Your driver is a prepared skilled who will recognize how to move the 4×4 vehicle in a security suit wherever on the unbelievable sand edges.

Mix on the unbalanced desert locales while riding a quad-bicycle during Desert Safari Dubai. This 4-vehicle is foreseen unforgiving spaces, for example, deserts or mountain zones. Put on your success stuff and set off on a mechanized desert knowledge. Low-pressure tires and marvelous hold handlebars award you to control and move the vehicle effectively as you investigate the sand inclines. This experience needs irrelevant help and is an all around should for any self regarding explorer.


Sandboarding in Best Dune Buggy Safari Dubai isn’t an advancement for feeble willed. Put on your stuff and experience through the astonishing slants of Dubai’s deserts. Completely expecting the sandboarding meeting, a board will be joined to your feet with which you can float carefully over the Sandy Arabian desert. This movement is totally guaranteed and you can take an interest dependably. The incredible to beat all? It is an introduction sport and needn’t waste time with couple of help from a teacher.

Camel rides

Since the hour of old Arabia, camels have been a particularly essential piece of Middle Eastern culture that they are in many cases recommended as “the boat of the desert.” Camels have been for a critical long time the standard strategies for transportation all around for neighborhood gatherings, comparably concerning stack transporters. During your desert safari, you can make a stage back in time by deciding to take an interest in a camelback ride. A guide will illuminate you about the different strides to take already and during a camel ride, to comfort the creature. Ricochet on the creature’s croup and like the view during Desert Safari Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can children drive the dune buggy?

Yes, We’ve special dune buggies available for children.

How many people sit in a dune buggy?

There are different type of buggies available. 2,3,5 and 7 person seating are available.

Can a pregnant lady drive a dune buggy?

It’s not recommended for a pregnant lady to drive the dune buggy.

Do I need a license to Drive Dune Buggy?

No, You don’t need a license to drive the dune buggy.

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