Company is a web portal dedicated to the commercialization of Tourist Services in the UAE and the World. It has been registered for several years, being one of the first Travel and Tourism Companies to have the extension under the web domain, thus certifying our solvency and suitability under the parameters of the UAE, DTCM, and the Registrant Entity in DTCM and being authorized by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing with the name of Elite Adventure Tourism LLC. The company under File No. 15,667.

Our clients are backed by a solid human group, distributed in the different branches and franchises of Elite Adventure Tourism that are located within our country and all over the world. All our staff works every day for the correct provision of the tourist services offered, attending to the PRICE = QUALITY premise, thus ensuring the full satisfaction of our customers.
We promote a high degree of specialization which allows us to provide an excellent service, enhancing one of our comparative advantages, being one of the Travel Agencies with the largest number of operational branches in the country.


To be the No. 1 Travel Agency in Sales in UAE, imposing our brand as a distinctive sign in the provision of comprehensive tourist services.


Our mission is to offer comprehensive tourist services oriented to different markets (both national and international), reaching the widest geographic coverage at the national level and attending to the needs of our clients.
Through our local representatives, branches and franchises, located in different parts of the country, you will find the best service for the realization of tourist and business trips, provided by qualified specialists in tourism.


Segment markets and achieve the highest degree of efficiency in attracting and serving each of them, using different communication channels and taking advantage of available technological innovations.
Innovate in the strategic zoning of the market, providing our services through our own branches, franchises or local representatives, becoming the Travel and Tourism Company with the largest physical presence nationwide.
Provide our clients with a wide range of possibilities when choosing their next trip, offering the best price and taking into account the COST = BENEFIT ratio.
Achieve a degree of specialization in Specific Destinations in order to achieve differential and specialized attention in certain market niches.
If you have any questions or queries, you should contact the Franchise Responsible for the provision of services and / or through which you have made your reservation who will be responsible for the services sold for more information you can consult our list of franchises by entering