Types of Desert Safari in Dubai
Types of Desert Safari in Dubai

Types of Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai’s terrain is characterised by a sandy desert pattern, which adds to the city’s unique attractiveness with the Types of Desert Safari in Dubai. Its geography differs from that of the UAE. That is why most people find a vacation to one of the United Arab Emirates’ most important emirates to be an exciting experience.

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Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert Safari in Dubai takes you on an exhilarating journey into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, where guests may appreciate the pure white and extremely fine sand. The journey begins with a pick-up location where you will be assigned to a 4×4-wheel drive, camels, or even hot air balloons to bring you to the camping area where your Dubai Vacation Packages adventure will begin.

Enhance your Dubai Tours experience with Types of Desert safari in Dubai also with amazing extras that include a blend of modern city highlights and authentic heritage, including:

  • Abu Dhabi City Tour
  • Half Day City Tour
  • Burj Khalifa in Dubai
  • Dubai Museum
  • Dubai Mall
  • Burj Al Arab

Exploring UAE’s important and magnificent Dubai Desert Safari in its most fantastic hues, with a classic excursion into the Arabian Desert, with more and more contemporary activities, to a whole new degree of enjoyment.

Types of Desert Safari in Dubai

There are many different Types of Desert Safari in Dubai trips to choose from. So, take your time to choose the perfect Dubai vacation for you. If your schedule permits, you can even go on all of the trips:

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

To begin, this is the first Type of Desert Safari in Dubai that caters to those with hectic schedules. The morning safari will suffice for those who do not have time for an evening safari.

Visitors may enjoy the first rays of sunlight in the cold morning temperatures, which provide a spectacular view of the dawn. Starting at daybreak, you may participate in a variety of activities, including hot air balloon excursions, quad bikes, animal viewing, and exciting camel rides. You should not restrict yourself; sand skiing and sandboarding are other options. The morning safari might vary depending on your trip package, however most guests may expect a 2-hour ride from various organizations.

On your Dubai vacations, see the wonders of the desert and more!

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Morning Desert Safari @ 150 AED / $45 per Person

Morning Desert Safari Dubai includes 45 minutes of Dune Bashing, Sandboarding, Camel Ride and much more.

Morning Desert Safari + Quad Bike

Morning Desert Safari + Quad Bike @ 300 AED / Person

Standard Package with 20 minutes of Quad biking self Drive. All-inclusive

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

If you want to create long-term memories that will endure a lifetime. Then going on this experience would be the finest option. The Evening Desert Safari showcases Dubai at its finest, with the sun beams of nightfall providing the ideal backdrop for the greatest images. This is the second Type of Desert Safari in Dubai. This package also includes activities like as dune bashing and hot air balloon flights, enabling tourists to make the most of the evening.

When arranging your Dubai Travel and the Desert Safari, make sure you bring your camera with you.


Evening Desert Safari Dubai @ 150 AED / $45 Per Person

Evening Desert Safari Dubai includes 45 minutes of Dune Bashing, Pick & drop, Camel Ride, Belly Dance, BBQ Dinner and Much more.

Evening desert safari dubai

Standard Deal @ 150 AED / Person

Pick up via 4x4. 45 Minutes Dune Bashing and more. All-inclusive.

4x4 Desert Safari

Dubai City is a treasure trove of things to see and do. In general, the safari is more than an adventure, and while still on the point, you may have a more unforgettable experience.

There are several things to discover after you get at the event location in the desert by 4×4 vehicle. In this sort of travel, camel riding, for example, is a must-do activity. Riding an ATV by yourself is also thrilling, as is having henna applied to your hands for a change of pace.

When compared to riding a camel into the desert, travelling by 4×4 wheel is quicker. These vehicles, however, have restricted capabilities and may be unable to reach certain locations.

Desert Safari Dubai

4x4 Desert Safari @ 150 AED / Person

Pick up via 4x4. 45 Minutes Dune Bashing and more. All-inclusive.

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Overnight Desert Safari is the third Type of Desert Safari in Dubai. The night sky is all you need to see for a rewarding trip in the Arabian Desert. As a result, make sure you bring your camera with you to capture some images of this stunning location.

As everyone relaxes in the comfort of their camp, here is where you build great memories. After supper, you may spend some time alone with your team, listening to the sound of the wind as it hits the beach on a quiet night.

It is also the finest time for some amusement at night. You may enjoy seeing a belly dancer perform while also having fun with your pals in many ways. But make sure you have your sleeping bags and blankets with you to help you through the night.


Overnight Desert Safari @ 350 AED / $96 Per Person

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai includes 45 minutes of Dune Basing, Camel Ride, Sandboarding. Overnight stay in desert camp, and much more.


Private Overnight Desert Safari @ 1,999 AED up to 5 Persons

Standard Package Private Vehicle only for you family. All-inclusive

Camel Riding Dubai

Camel riding is one of the most exhilarating experiences among the ancient exploring methods also a fourth Type of desert safari Dubai. Unlike a 4×4 ride, camel riding is leisurely and relaxing for guests, and it also allows them to reflect while the desert breeze caress their skin. Furthermore, camels may go to regions where motor vehicles are unable to.

Once you’ve returned to the tent with your camel, you may engage in various activities.

Generally speaking, a Desert Safari in Dubai is a must-do experience for desert fans. This is where you may conjure up all of the wonderful, colorful images of Dubai.

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Camel Riding Dubai @ 250 AED / $72 Per Person

Camel Riding Dubai includes 45 minutes of Camel Ride, Sandboarding, Dune Bashing. And much more.


Private Camel Trekking Dubai @ 1200 AED up to 5 Persons

Standard Package Private Vehicle only for you family. All-inclusive

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