Jeep Safari Dubai

Something essential on your trip to the United Arab Emirates is knowing its desert. For this, nothing better than the Safari Desert Dubai excursion, a safari through the desert of Dubai.

Jeep Safari Dubai Summary

Feel the desert in Dubai on a 4 × 4 Jeep Safari Dubai

According to the RAE, “Jeep Safari Dubai” is an excursion to see or photograph wild animals, carried out in Africa or in other territories.

Why the Dubai desert tour is called a “safari”?

This question is a point that has not yet been clear to me. Under the concept of «desert safari», a 4 × 4 excursion is hidden in Dubai among huge red sand dunes.

Animals what is said animals are rather few, some lizard, and hopefully a scorpion. Of course, fun is guaranteed.

Getting Ready for Dune Bashing

To do the desert safari Dubai we were picked up from the hotel in the early afternoon, in a white SUV, a Toyota Land Cruiser. Since Japan is the UAE’s largest oil importer, it is to be expected that they will reciprocate by importing their vehicles, hence, added to the country’s desert landscape, the Land Cruiser is a great vehicle option, being the model of best-selling SUV in the United Arab Emirates. It’s and essential part of Jeep Safari Dubai

Once in the car, reaching the desert is not the blink of an eye. It is separated by just over an hour from Dubai, but it is not until forty-five or fifty minutes when you start to see how the landscape becomes arider and arider until you leave the highway to enter a sandy road that ends in a camp. , from which the first dunes can be seen. Basically jeep safari Dubai place is 45 minutes drive from Dubai

There we made a technical stop where we waited for other ATVs to come for the excursion; when we were all there, they were numbered for safety and we all left for the desert.

Jeep Safari Dubai is exciting. I remember that at the beginning, Haroon, the guy who was driving, asked us how “hard” (strong) we wanted the route to be, if quiet or moved. My brother and I of course wanted it to go full blast. This coupled with the fact that the guide was the youngest of the group and would have a “want to joke” made it tremendously entertaining.

The duration of Jeep Safari Dubai in the desert is just over an hour. But practically an hour by car on two wheels, going down impossible slopes and unimaginable compliments. It really looked like you were surfing the waves.

On a couple of occasions, we checked how other cars that accompanied us had gotten stuck in the sand, luckily ours passed without problems.

Another funny thing about Jeep Safari Dubai is that when several cars are going, when you have just done something “dangerous”, like going down a super steep dune, then from below you can see how the others go down it and you are even more aware of where you just passed.

In the middle of Jeep Safari Dubai, a stop is made to touch the sand, make the angel, take photos, or whatever you want. And you were there, in the middle of nowhere, you turned 360 degrees and you only saw dunes and more dunes. You pulled away a bit and you were completely alone in the vastness, a great feeling of fullness.

On the way back from Jeep Safari Dubai, near the camp where we were going to have dinner, we stopped to watch the sunset. We climbed a great dune that had the sunset right in front of us. I took a couple of quick photos and we put the camera away so that we could focus on relaxing and enjoying the spectacle before our eyes. Seeing the sun hide behind the desert, hiding between large sand dunes was a wonderful moment.

To go down to the camp we were given the option of getting in the car or walking down the great dune. We choose of course this option. Since my visit to the Dune du Pyla in France (the highest in Europe), I have been aware of how difficult it can be to go down a mountain of sand, in which at each step your leg sinks to the knee and you lose your Balance. It is best to do it quickly and try not to go down doing “the croquette.”

Once at the camp of Jeep Safari Dubai, we lived an evening with dim light, we had a barbecue dinner, and while we enjoyed a show of traditional dances (the dance consisted of turning on oneself without stopping while taking out dishes, moving clothes, etc. over twenty minutes non-stop spinning, amazing) and belly dancing. In fact, they took my mother and my brother out to dance and I couldn’t laugh anymore.

A highly recommended excursion Jeep Safari Dubai, since it brings together many points that are important to me at least: tradition, nature, views, gastronomy, adrenaline… you have to do it if you are visiting Dubai; This desert safari in Dubai is one of the best experiences in the city.

Following are the links to book your Dubai Desert Tour

Desert Safari Dubai

Standard Deal
150 AED / Person

Pick up via 4x4. 45 Minutes Dune Bashing and more. All-inclusive.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari + Quad Bike
300 AED / Person

Standard Package with 20 minutes of Quad biking self Drive. All-inclusive

Private Desert Safari Dubai

Private Desert Safari
900 AED up to 5 Persons

Standard Package Private Vehicle only for you family. All-inclusive

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